The Day Is Here

Well the day is here. At 9 am this morning I will be in court here in Washington County Arkansas to accept a plea deal for a ridiculous rape charge. In Arkansas, there is need for evidence or anything to convict. All they need is an accusers word. That is all. Which is absolutely ridiculous! … Continue reading The Day Is Here

Quick Update

I just wanted to post a quick update for you all and have uploaded the following video to YouTube so check it out. Just a quick update from Fayetteville. Will have a more powerful and lengthy post in the morning as I essentially say good by to each of you, but don’t fret. My wife … Continue reading Quick Update

The Day After

Ok, so today is officially the first day after coming out publically as transgender. I mean I have told a few people, but I ultimately decided yesterday to make a video and post it to a YouTube channel that I started so it was out there and there was nothing that my insecurities could do … Continue reading The Day After