What is your role?

When I began the process of considering transition I realized that there is one very big issue that I first had to confront. When considering transition as a transgender woman one thing that must be done is giving up the right to have children. I am 32 years old and have no children of my … Continue reading What is your role?

Be True To You

When we begin living our life as who we really are it is very hard for us to true forget who we were. Small aspects of our old self come creeping back into our lives no matter how much we may try to fight it and try to overcome it. When I made the decision … Continue reading Be True To You

The Hardest Part

When I knew that I was transgender, which was at a very early age, I had one huge concern. My issue wasn’t was there something wrong with me. My issue was what would people think? What would people think when they looked at me? Strangers? Friends? Family? Would my family even accept me and if … Continue reading The Hardest Part

Absolute Fear

Currently I am in a huge legal battle with my ex-wife that might result in my having to go to prison for a period of time and for me the biggest fear is not the fact of going to prison, but rather that I don’t get to be who I really am. I will be … Continue reading Absolute Fear